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A talented but short-lived Jazz quartet, this group featured Mike on keyboards, Eric Bart on guitar, Dennis Sexton on bass and Cleve Huff on drums. One CD featuring all Jazz originals was released in 2009; the first three tunes listed below are Shellans compositions.

Andre the Giant (4:25)
Written in honor of the famous European-born wrestler of the same name, this song has quick tempos and Latin and Jazz sections.

Pearls of Wisdom (4:18)
Straight ahead Jazz piece written to challenge the band to swing at a fast tempo.

Q.T. (7:12)
This is based on the famous song "Cute" and spotlights the drummer.

 Other Jazz Projects
Alex in Wonderland (5:37)
Mike was pleased when Adam Compeau gave him this original to arrange, which Compeau wrote for his nephew Alex. This version features the Metro Phoenix Jazz Orchestra, with Mike on piano.
Dana Point (6:07)
Inspired by a lovely spot on the Pacific ocean, Mike wrote this combo piece. It features Mike on acoustic piano, Kevin Blatchford on soprano sax, Bill Hewes on bass and Andre Burbridge on drums.
E.D.B.B. (3:12)
The chords which open this song are literally E, D, B, B. Mike wrote the piece to showcase the Extreme Decible Big Band, and he is playing electric piano on this recording.
F.I.T.H. People (6:07)
This big band piece is in 5/4 time and is really just a Blues song. This features the Extreme Decible Big Band, with Mike on piano.
Look Away (5:18)
Mike arranged this original piece for the Grand Canyon University Large Jazz Combo, and this cut was recorded live at Patriot's Park.
Nancy (4:05)
Mike wrote this for his wife; he plays all instruments here.
Sat a Day (7:38)
A feature song for the Metro Phoenix Jazz Orchestra, this Jazz waltz was inspired by Vince Guaraldi.
Swinging Chandelier (11:03)
Mike plays acoustic piano and Lew Saul electric piano on this Atmosphere piece recorded in 1979. Mike tried to convey with the music the feel of the song's title.

Tune for My Dad (9:47)
A recent composition, this piece features the Glendale Community College Big Band and was performed live in concert in 2005. Mike wrote it in memory of his father, Herb Shellans, who passed away in August of 2003.



Mike began writing jazz compositions in the late 70s.

Featuring groups of various sizes (from combos to big bands), the pieces in Mike's jazz portfolio range in style from Straight Ahead to Latin Jazz.