Assorted Studio Projects

Into the Mystic (4:19)
This cover of a Van Morrison song features Gilbert Martinez on guitar and vocals, Chris Perrin on bass, Mark Sanchez on drums and Mike on piano.
Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord (2:15)
This popular Praise song features Mike on vocals and organ, Gilbert Martinez on harmony and guitar, Chris Perrin on bass and Mark Sanchez on drums.

Cosmic Tour (4:45)
One of the first songs Mike wrote using a 4-track machine, he provides the vocals and plays all instruments on this Latin Jazz piece.

Intrade for Brass (6:20)
Written by Mike in the mid-80s while studying with Prof. Ron LoPresti, this "entrance piece" features two trumpets and two trombones.
Lights Out at the Reptile House (2:49)
Recorded at Cereus Studio in the late 80s, one of Mike's first 24-track recordings. It features Mike on vocals and keyboards, Jim Vickers on bass and guitar, Bryon Ruth on tenor sax, and Tom Dare on drums.

Ravages of Time (3:46)
Recorded in 2006, this cut features Billy Abdo on vocals, Dennis Sexton on bass, Phil Janzen on drums and Mike on mandolin, tenor guitar, keyboards and trombone.

Song for Heather (4:33)
Co-written with Tom Dare, Mike plays keyboard bass and sings on this Pop/Ska tune. It features Tom on lead vocals, electric guitar and drums.

What Noble Cause (3:33)
Nan van der Steur contributed to the lyrics and Mike wrote the music for this anti-war song. It features Mindy Nilson on vocals, John Knowlton on guitar and Mike on baritone ukulele.


Cholo Pachuco (3:04)
The term "Cholo" describes the young Hispanic men who often wear baggy pants, tank top shirts, hats and long chains.  Homero Chavez sings lead (in English) and Mike adds some interesting synthesizer lines.

Legal Canaliens (5:12)
Composed as a suite by Cleo Iglesias and Homero Chavez, with sections of brass throughout. The title refers to the legal channels Hispanics encounter when trying to enter our country legally.
Los Cantos (2:22)
Cleo Iglesias and Homero Chavez sing parallel lead and harmony on this up-tempo Latin piece.  Note the alternating meters of five and three throughout the work.

If You Want To (3:30)
Homero Chavez sings great lead on this Ska tune, inspired by everyday life encounters. A song with a catchy beat and a sing-a-long nature.



The works on this page range from Classical to Pop, and include both instrumentals and vocals.

It is interesting to compare the innocence of earlier works (Lights Out, Song for Heather) to the more serious, introspective tone reflected in later work (Ravages, What Noble Cause).

Tonál: Mike spent much of the mid to late 1980s working with two very talented Hispanic musicians, Cleo Iglesias and Homero Chavez. With the support of Jim Vickers on bass and Tom Dare on drums, Tonál played steadily throughout the Phoenix area and toured Mexico and California.

The repertoire included both Spanish and English language songs, spanning Jazz to Pop to Reggae.